East Light products portfolio includes leading technology vendors as below. We provide best of breed technology in meeting our clients’ most complex challenges.









NG Surveillance System

Xplore 2.0

  • Award-Wining End-to-End High Performance Ethernet Routing & Switching Solutions from Core to Edge to ensure predicable application performance.
  • Full Line Rate, Non-Blocking switching capacity with Industry Leading Highest Reliability, Resiliency & Density delivers Simpler Networks at Lower Costs.

  • HP Provides Hardware, Software and Services to Consumers, Small- and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) and Large Enterprises, including Customers in the Government, Health and Education Sectors.
  • HP also Offers Managed Services by Provide Complete IT-support Solutions for other Companies and Organizations.

  • The World’s Leading Provider of Open Platform IP Video Management Software (IMS Research).
  • Supports Up To 1,500 IP Cameras, Encoders and DVRs from 100 manufactures.
  • Supports Both ONVIF and PSIA Standards.

  • Award-Wining Security Products Magazine 2012 New Product of the Year Award.
  • A Leading Global Supplier of Technologies and Services.
  • Bosch enhances the Quality of Life by Providing Solutions which are Both Innovative and Beneficial.

  • Complete Security without Complexity, including Endpoint, Encryption, DLP, UTM, Network, Web and Email.
  • Better Together: Endpoint (including Mobile) + Gateway + Cloud Working Together to Protect you Better.
  • A Single Security System for your Organization, Less Complexity – Simple to Deploy and Manage, Removes the Challenges of Multiple Point Products.

  • A Comprehensive Gateway Security Solution that Integrates Multiple Enterprise Security Features in Single Appliance with Build-In Reporting.
  • Cyberoam UTM Offers Assured Security, Connectivity & Productivity to Organization.
  • Cyberoam Patent Pending Layer 8 User-Identify Based Policies Applied to all Security Features.
  • Latest Technologies of Web Application Firewall & Outbound Anti-Spam.

  • Provide networking, storage and security solutions without the cost and complexity of big IT.
  • Advanced range of reliable, affordable networking products are easy to install and maintain.

  • The Latest Security Threats Designed to Bypass Traditional Security Devices, Traditional Single Function Point-based Security Solutions are not Providing Effective Protection.
  • Fortinet's Security Platforms Provide Full Content Scanning at all Application Layers to Raise the Bar against both known and unknown threats.

  • An Access Control Company to Design and Manufacture a Cutting-edge, IP-to-the-door Solution that Eliminates Needless Complexity - including Inconvenient Control Panels, Separate Power Supply, and Dedicated Hard-wiring.
  • ISONAS Provides a Proven Solution that is Revolutionizing the Industry.

  • A Professional Service Provider in Unified Security Solutions that Specializes in Giving Absolute Control.
  • EntryPass’ Systems Introduces New Levels of Convenience, from Inventing a Single System that could Concurrently Control and Communicate with up to 10 Different Card Formats.

  • NG System is a Leading in Advanced Video Surveillance and Video Intercom System Solution and Product.
  • Include the Advanced Series of Front-end, Back-end, Display Software as well as Intelligent Traffic Solution.

  • Provide Customizable Content in Digital Signage Solutions to Impact Customer, Prospects at the Point-of-decision with Digital Signs and Displays.
  • Digital Signage Software can Benefit in Scalable, Flexibility, Creative, Interactive, Real Time and Adaptable.